Monday, August 17, 2009

Tobacco Road (Turns Out To Be a Long Road -- So Pack Snacks)

Someone once told me, "You can't make a room the color you want it to be until you acknowledge you hate it's existing color." Basic advice, it seems. But, this person was alluding to the fact that we can't make major changes in our life before we realize we don't like our current situations.

I have taken the wisdom to a whole new level, albeit, a more basic one.

Inspired by The Nester, of course, and the impending arrival of Anne and Ellen, I was determined to update the furniture and paint in our builder beige guest room.

I went to Lowes, with the code for Tobacco Road -- a paint color that is no longer sold, but can be custom-mixed -- in hand. Back at home, I set up shop and went to town. From the very first stroke of paint, I'm thinking the color is way more brownie and far less snickerdoodle. Tobacco is nowhere in sight -- but who knows what tobacco is supposed to look like? Not one to easily admit I am wrong, I tarried on. I painted big lines. I trimmed out tiny corners. My back was aching. My craving for chocolate continually growing. But -- this is Tobacco Road I told myself. I did not just waste money on the wrong color.Finally, when the whole room was nearly complete, I decided maybe I should double-check the code for the paint color.

It was so not the right color.
Insert Dan smirking here.

No worries. Remember, I am woman, hear me roar? Same day I go back to Lowes. Yes, sir, I was just in here. But, I need more paint. No, not the color all over my clothes. A different one. Yes, for the same room. STOP judging me, sir. And, while you're at it, what aisle is primer on?

Same day. I prime the room. I go to church and volunteer with the youth. I come home and I paint the room (for the third time in one day) Tobacco Road. Dan says the color gives him a craving to light one up. I am just glad I don't want brownies anymore.

Mission complete.

Well, almost. I need white matelasse bedspreads. And, I would like to monogram the pillows. But those are just details, right?

Point being, before you can create the life you want, you have to acknowledge you bought the wrong color of paint.


I, like many I know, have recently been thinking about why I blog. A little inspiration from HERE and HERE really brought the issue to the forefront of my mind. And, then (big, suspenseful pause), my cousin who blogs HERE, posted her thoughts on why she writes just won't believe this...but THE NESTER, who I--and several I know--tend to wait obsessively, er, anticipatingly (real word, I don't think so...but it sounds less stalker-ish) share her newest and most creative ideas--actually took the time to read and post her thoughts on Angela's blog. Isn't that just the end all, be all? Isn't that enough purpose right there? Not that Angela's blog isn't totally awesome in it's own right -- but, really, THE Nester??! Reports are that Angela is over-the-moon on this one! Mentor meets mentee via blogland. Inspiring, meet Inspired. Now, shake hands and do a happy dance because ain't technology grand?

Back to the point. Purpose? What is mine, for my three readers? Blogging connects family and friends -- and we do have relatives across the nation -- so there is purpose. But, I think that's an added benefit. I think I write as an outlet. It's a way for me to show, in an image-focused world, where perfect homes and perfect people equal perfect lives, that I am human. Human in all its imperfect, messy glory. It's a leap of faith to make your goals known and go after them. It's encouraging to receive support from others. It's human to doubt, but God-inspired to persevere. It's humbling to achieve a goal and know something bigger than yourself is responsible. It's risky and raw (also, this) to write. And, where else, in day-to-day living, in the professionalism of a full-time job, in the tarry of bill-paying and dish-washing, can I gather my thoughts, mold them and shape them to share with others? Not that the two people who have read this far down the post are really dying to know what I am thinking. But in case you are reading this -- my purpose is to share the happiness in imperfection and the many, many blessings of a God who still loves me (and you, too!), even in the midst of a "fall-off-the-table-while-hanging-curtains, paint-the-room-the-wrong-color, messy, beautiful life."

What's your purpose?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

I just had the most amazing weekend with two of the best ladies I know! We stayed up all night, drank margaritas, had our nails done, shopped, went to see The Ugly Truth, gabbed at Starbucks, toured the Southern Living design house in Dahlonega and rocked the Wii! Oh how I sometimes miss college so much! Anne and Ellen -- you are two of the most beautiful, amazing, funny, sweet, awesome people I know!


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