Thursday, June 25, 2009

When Life Gets in the Way of Blogging

So -- I have been perfecting the art of slacker blogging lately and it just seems that life has gotten in the way! We celebrated Dan-o's 27th (whoa!) birthday on May 30th with lots of friends. The night ended in a game of...oh I don't remember the official name -- but it was some combination of baseball and tennis and we played until about 2 a.m. I was a major handicap to the team seeing as I had an eye infection that had me wearing my outdated prescription glasses. I had no depth perception or peripheral vision -- so actually catching a ball was out of the question. At least I was entertainment for the group. The night was so fun and we're more than blessed with amazing friends! Happy Birthday, Dan-o!

The following week was a wedding whirlwhind as Tim and Kamilah tied the knot. Dan and I had a blast hosting about 20 family members for a Thursday night BBQ at our house. It was fun to visit with relatives from all across the nation and I wish we could see each other more often. The next day included a bridesmaid luncheon while Dan played golf with the guys. We ended the evening with the rehearsal, a fun dinner, ping pong tournament at the Reeders and then saw a late showing of The Hangover. Super sick movie-- but you can't help but laugh if you go see it!And...then it was the weddding day! The ceremony was beautiful, the reception fun and the after-party ridiculous. We wrapped things up in a hotel suite on the top level of the Hilton around 4 a.m. -- a time of day I haven't seen in a while.

Following the wedding...Dan and I made a quick trip to the beach where my mom, stepdad and two sisters were staying in a house on Cocoa while my Dad, stepmom and other two sisters were staying in a house an hour away on New Smyrna. We had a blast going between houses, out to dinner, riding the waves, taking walks on the beach and visiting with family. We have that little thing called work, though, so while my families stayed the rest of the week at the beach, Dan, my sister's boyfriend, Drew and I headed back to Georgia -- leaving Florida around 8:30 pm on Tuesday and getting home around 4:30 am Wednesday morning. I was at work four hours later -- but wouldn't change a thing -- the beach is definitely worth being tired at work! So...hope you enjoyed a recap of our exciting past few weeks. Life just gets better everyday and I am so thankful to be enjoying it side by side with Dan the man! We are so blessed.


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