Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm Baaaaack

I'm not sure how long I'll stay. Life has been busier than ever lately. But, just thought I'd let you know the McReeders are still kickin'.

A February trip to the Atlantis helped us through what seemed like an extra cold winter. Even Munson had to break out the puffer jacket!

March was a bit of a blur. Oh, but there was an exciting announcement!

Did you catch that? I'm going to be an aunt, again, this October!
April brought a round of Easter excitement and birthday bliss! We celebrated in style with great friends at Seasons 52. Delicious and even better company!

Warm weather has me sneezing - but also inspired us to get busy in the yard. Not like that. I mean, busy working in the yard, planting plants, etc. Dan even built a raised bed so we have a little vegetable garden in the works: Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Strawberries (wait - those aren't veggies - nor do they need to be capitalized...), red peppers and tomatoes.I also started parsley and basil from seed, so we'll see how that goes... My mint,rosemary, oregano and thyme -- all transplants from friends, are thriving. If anyone needs mint or rosemary - let me know because if these two grow anymore they might take over our yard. What makes our yard extra special is that many of our plants are from family and friends. I love the community around gardening - because seeing everything in bloom makes me think of the people who made our yard what it is!




Front Yard


Vegetable Garden



And, since we don't seem to know how to sit still...hey, baby let's go to Vegas! Pictures to come soon!


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