Monday, November 9, 2009


We went to the Clemson/FSU game this weekend! It was fun to be back on an old stomping ground and even more fun to visit with Anne and Gene. The weather was perfect, a nice break from last week's broil-fest in Jacksonville. If you've never tailgated in Clemson, you need to -- Tiger fan or not. This may be the best tailgating in the Southeast -- there's just nothing like it.
We do it big here.

We can cover a country mile...or two.

The most exciting 30-seconds in college football!

Did I mention Anne and Gene have the cutest twin boys known to man?Check out Anne's blog for better pictures! Click HERE. And...beyond being a beautiful, amazing friend, awesome wife and perfect mom -- Anne sews the most adorable baby clothes you've ever seen. Check out her other blog here and get those Christmas orders in! Click HERE.

Aren't they the prettiest couple you've ever seen?!

Such a fun weekend! I'm thankful for such awesome friends! Thank you Anne and Gene for the tickets, good times and for being impeccable hosts!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Booing Gators and Other Things That Require An Extra Serving of Muscle Milk

We took the annual trip to Jeckyll to hang out at the Clark's beach house before heading to Jacksonville to cheer on our Dawgs. Who totally stunk this year, by the way. Not the Clark's...they are awesome. The Dawgs. In fact, they don't even deserve a capital "d". They're the (stinkin') dawgs this year.

We managed to work in a costume party. Thanks to some super sweet friends, I could pretend I was sweet, too (dressed as an M&M). Those who know me, especially that one girl on the sidewalk in Jacksonville, would not be fooled by the costume.
Much sweeter than me...

Even Santa came for the show!
Who knew he was so friendly with Papa John?
Or that Papa John was dating a cat?
And, these cute girls were there, too.
Teen Wolf stopped by. Frankly, I find the facial hair terrifying.
We made friends with the neighbors. Our costumes were that great. Please click and enlarge this picture and enjoy the beauty in all its glory. Is that guy drooling and wearing shooting glasses?
Other costumes were omitted due to their inappropriateness. Although, creativity ranked high.

At the game, it was hotter than bare feet on a blacktop in August. In fact, that would have probably felt like sweet relief. But, true fans come for the game and stay for the game...or at least stay until your team is losing by thirty or more points.

We stopped by Savannah on the way home!

Sweet Baby Jacob!

Sweet Baby Jacob turned one! Can you believe it? We had fun celebrating!

He got lots of toys!

A Georgia hoodie from Pastor Dee. Awesome!

A Florida shirt from my Grandma Betty. Boo.

Just in time for the UGA vs Florida game.
He loved his toy from Linda and Bill!

He wasn't too sure about the cupcake -- his very own gigantic, personal cake. My sister made it and it was beautiful!

I think it was so pretty Jacob didn't want to mess it up!

I made cupcakes for the rest of the crew. With cute "acorns" on top. Too bad they melted in the car. Double boo. There were pumpkin cupcakes, too. But, I could only handle posting one picture of the devastation.

It was such a fun party -- can't believe how fast they grow up! And that statement makes me sound like a total curmudgeon. Am I 80?


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