Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Yawk Ci-tay!

We just returned from an amazing getaway to visit my aunt and NYC. We had so much fun and my aunt, uncle and cousins are the ultimate hosts! Thanks for showning us around! Times Square

Princeton...nice place to go to school:)


We went to the top of Rockefeller Center and could see for miles! Fun overview of everywhere we had been for the day!

New York-sized sweet tooth satisfaction.

Well, diamonds are a girl's best friend!


Statue of Liberty!

Amber! Love her! (the Crew's dog)

Fabulous shopping!

Pottery painting before our flight left!
We ran along the Delaware River each morning. You could run to the river from my aunt's house.

Update on Baby Jacob

Can you believe sweet baby Jacob is nine months old? He is so alert and fun to be around. He's perfected the army crawl and we all joke he may walk before he really crawls because he pulls himself up already! I think when he is 22 I will still be calling him sweet baby Jacob...but who can resist this face?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I signed Dan up for a half marathon. I asked him to sign up with me only about 588 times and finally I broke him and he said "fine. just do it". Which, in my mind, sounded much more enthusiastic -- more like, "That sounds SUPER fun! I'll get new shoes and we can train together after work and this is just the GREATEST day of my life and if we're lucky, we can hold hands during miles 12 and 13 while hula hooping." You see, the thing about me is I often hear things differently -- or at least interpret them differently -- than people intend.

So I signed us up. Dan got new shoes and we've got plane tickets to San Antonio. We're running with our friends, Brett and Catherine, and it's November 15 -- just about a month after our third anniversary -- a great getaway to celebrate! Feel free to send Dan notes of encouragement (be sure to ask to see his new shoes, because he's super excited about them)...and we'll keep you posted on how the training goes.

Crafty Lil Thing

So...I have, as of late, been totally inspired by the Nesting Place blog. It's always chock full of delicious and affordable decorating ideas. I recently copied the barn star look The Nester had on display in her house. And, while I agree with her in that barn stars can be cliche, they are still better than any alternative I could think of at the moment. And, I un-ashamedly love them. What do you think of this constellation?

Moving on to window mistreatments. I think my creativity and perfectionism are duking it out right about now. This has been an ongoing project that I am determined to finish. I think I missed the point in making these myself b/c I am sure they would have been far less expensive had I just bought valances. But - OH NO - I can do anything and I will not be proven wrong. Especially by the wary glances of a husband who thinks I am in over my head. Even if I do completely fall off the kitchen table trying to hang them, simultaneously putting a gash in my leg and the table. All while dusting the window sill with my left hand, mopping the floor with my right and preparing a delicious broiled fish dinner. I am woman, hear me roar.

And...if you have any suggestions on how to finish these, I would appreciate the help:).


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